3 thoughts on “Heart Of Worship 1 – Humble Heart

  1. I’m liking the teaching on THE HEART OF WORSHIP. I was taught years ago that a Great Teacher always makes the student think… So, ask more questions. We all need to grow deeper, getting into our roots.
    ( how many times do we all say AWESOME?) When was awesome use first in the Bible?… Gen.28:17 ..and he (Jacob) was afraid but said”HOW AWESOME IS THIS PLACE! This is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven!” My question is..How did he know that it was the house of God and the gate of heaven?

  2. Twila, that’s AWESOME!!! Thanks for the suggestion about asking more questions, that’s good. I’ve already made and scheduled the next 2 segments, so it may be a while before I implement that!
    As for Jacob, the Israelites were accustomed to thinking geographically, more than spiritually. If He met God in that place, then to Him, that meant God was THERE. Compare the II Chron. 5 outpouring of the Spirit in the Temple, for instance, with the Acts 2 outpouring – in Jerusalem, but at a location undisclosed to us, and soon irrelevant, because He was given to all men everywhere. Food for thought…

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