Our desire is to see passionate worship rise to the Lord …

…from thousands of believers in thousands of places around the world, with such oneness of spirit that the glorious presence of God fills the church, His dwelling place in the earth, and overflows to cover the earth as water covers the sea. Our calling is to serve local church worship leaders and teams in every way possible, till that day appears.

Harold Forbis began leading worship over 30 years ago. He served in various leadership positions, including leading the worship team, at Life Church in Kirksville, MO, from 1991 till 2012, when his family was sent out with others to serve the church family at Bread of Life Church in Fresno, CA.

Harold is a gifted teacher with a father’s heart who has traveled for many years within the C2C family of churches, training and helping young worship leaders, musicians, and singers to develop worship in their local house. A prolific songwriter, he has written over 150 worship songs, and is never far from his acoustic guitar or keyboard. Harold taught Worship Theology, History of Worship, Ministry of the Psalmist, and other Bible classes in the Northeast Missouri Bible College in Kirksville for several years. He attended Truman State University, and is a graduate of New Covenant School of Ministry in St. Louis.

Harold and his wife, Lori, have been married since 1983. They have one son, Evan.

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